Ape-Ape no Mi by !Fatih#3460

Have you ever saw “Rampage”? or maybe “Trilogy Apes” by 20th Century ? We’ve suprised by a creature who simmilar like human that can take over a city. Scientist called them Ape, they belong to the Hominodiae family, which includes giant primates without a tail, including the gorilla, chimpanzees, orangutan, gibbon and of course we are.

This Ape has migrated to most secure places in the world, can you guess it ? yup they migrate to blockchain, crypto to be exact. There’s a ton of crypto named ape around, today we’ll only talk about apes which live in a habitat known as Solana.

These days, the migrated apes still build his ecosystem and race with other apes to to substantiate his claim to being the best. There are three candidates who are attempting to convince you that he is the best among the others. Sol Ape with their own dex and deflationary token, Great Ape the community driven DAO with many features on it and Apexit a risk management tools. They’ve come to make their new habitat (Solana) as comfortable and accessible as possible.

There is one name that stands out among the many Ape that exist. People call him Grape or Great Ape. He came up with main idea that community is the most important aspect to the ecosystem. From one main idea can be defined into three core concepts : Community Tools, Community Fund and Community Participation. We can call this for community, from community, to community.

Grapes also care about the others. He sponsored his first charity to DFA (Decentralized Footbal Academy) in Nigeria and perhaps there will be next social event in the future. Project’s path is determined by the community as long the project still in the main idea dan guided by Dean Machine and his team.

To establish a powerful empire, an empire need a powerful army, strong network and talented civilian. The first and second ones are already in grape’s possession, he still need a talented people to build an empire. He need a people who have skill as developer, videographer, streamer, writer and solana educator. If any of you have this skill don’t hesitated to submit it.


So what happens if I don’t meet the criteria ? Despite the fact that it has already have large number of army, grape still requires a large number of army which called OG.

How to become an OG ? Almost every day grape holds an event. Games events likes Wild Rift, Stumble, PUBG, Valorant, Warzone, Gartic io. You can also submit artwork and memes and there are numerous ways to become an OG, check their announcement in Discord server.

Why am i banned from Grape, what am i doing ? Spaming message, hate speech or disturbing other member will be banned.

Is great ape deserving of being the best?

I wrote this article to share my little knowledge about Great Ape in a language that is simple to comprehend, i hope those who are new to cryptocurrency will understand. After a brief introduction about grapes, it’s now your turn. You are the one who decides whether Grape deserves it or not.

Special Thanks to my bestfriends Fatih who allowed me to use his artwork.

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